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Zane Kekoa Schweitzer - Ultimate Waterman

November 20, 2016

Zane has had an incredible year this year having won the Ultimate Waterman Challenge, The Master of the Ocean, runner up to SUP male athlete of the year, and as I write this he has just won gold in the 2016 ISA men's sup surf event in Fiji. The guy is on fire. We were finally able to get him on the phone in the midst of a very busy schedule to talk about his accomplishments thus far and particularly the emerging phenomenon of stand up foiling. In true Zane fashion, he's on the move even while taking our call as he makes his way to Ho'okipa Park where he's scheduled to compete in the Aloha Classic an hour from now.

I got to spend some time with Zane and his brother Matty Schweitzer during the 2016 Starboard Dealer meeting in San Diego in September. By now you've all see the videos of Zane and Connor riding their foil boards behind windsurfers, party boats, and electric bikes in Mission Bay during that event. But what you may not know is that in between those expression sessions, Zane and Matty were holding some of the first stand up paddle foiling clinics ever done on a brand new low speed foil designed by Alex Aguerra of Go Foil. After watching Zane patiently coach each person up onto the foil then masterfully demonstrating how a pro-level rider does it, I knew this was the guy to tell us where we are and where we're headed in the crazy new world of foiling.

I can't say enough about the humbleness, honor, and respect that Zane exhibits every day as a professional athlete. Its obvious he's a very old soul that's deeply entrenched in the life and tradition of his Maui roots. I was very flattered to have him join us on the show and think you'll really enjoy hearing what he has to share.


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