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Greg Carson - Taino Divers

April 15, 2017

I was down in Rincon, Puerto Rico last week for the Beach Boy stand up paddle board race and got a chance to catch up with Greg Carson. Carson is a waterman through and through. After growing up outside Fort Worth Texas and later attending the University of Florida, he answered a call for a job as a dive instructor at a small dive shop in Rincon. He's been there for 25 years ever since.

He's an accomplished diver and free diver having used the ocean as his grocery store when he first moved to the island. He's also a Starboard ambassador and a big wave surfer. We talk about his love affair with Tres Palmas and the early years of riding big waves on stand up paddle boards, the progression to performance boards, and blending into the line up as a stand up paddler.

And now he's feeling like a grom again through the addiction of hydro-foiling. Carson got his hands on a couple of Go Foils this winter and is now well ahead of the learning curve riding everything from 10 foot Tres to two foot reef breaks on his foil.

Greg is one of the most well known and well respected people in Rincon. Whether he's walking down the street or down the beach people drift into his path for a chance to say hello and swap some stories. He's a super good guy who gives a ton of his time and energy to the local community which in turn has given him a little slice of paradise to live out his dream to be a surfer.

Enjoy the show.

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