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Gabby Reece - Sports and Media Icon

April 10, 2018

We got a chance to sit down with Gabby Reece today to talk to her about growing up on a small Caribbean Island before settling down with one of surfings greatest legends. Gabby lived on St Thomas through her junior year in high school then moved to Florida where she started playing volleyball competitively. It didn't take many looks from talent scouts before she was picked up by Florida State and given a full ride to play for them. College volleyball lead to pro beach volleyball where she continued to dominate still holding records for most blocks and kills.

During her days as a pro beach player, she drifted in and out of modeling with her tall athletic frame and stunning looks before eventually finding her way to television. Gabby is the complete package - she's athletic, intelligent, self-confident, and has a strong entrepreneurial drive that keeps her eyes and ears open to opportunities when they present themselves. She met her husband Laird Hamilton while interviewing him for an episode of Xtreme TV and settled down with him in Hawaii soon after.

Their most recent project to date is one they run together by inviting a host of different types of people to participate in what they call extreme pool training or XPT. It was interesting to learn about the key take aways experienced by the majority of the guests and the diversity of each guest's level of fitness and comfort in the water. There's a wide gamut of experience among the participants and each one is there to push their own personal limits regardless of how their abilities may compare to the overall group.

Both Laird and Gabby have been very open about the work they've put into their relationship with one another. Gabby is just as transparent in her parenting philosophy used to raise their daughters. Despite the fact that these girls are growing up with two incredibly popular and recognizable media icons as parents, they all manage to stay grounded and as tightly knit and seemingly present as any other family.

As you can imagine we were incredibly honored and flattered to be able to spend this time with Gabby and we hope you will too. Enjoy the show.

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