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Ben Gravy - Video Blogger

September 15, 2017

Surfer, video blogger, Wawa frequenter, and all around good time guy, Ben Gravy, gets on the line to talk about the inspiration for his daily video blog running close to two years now and where he sees it going.

Ben's filmed continuously for the past 625 days (minus one day where he was too ill) and has built an impressive following of YouTube subscribers and dedicated fans. His format is simple - full transparency of his day to day life for everyone to see. This includes morning coffee, hopping in the car to scope novelty waves, household dialog with his family and girlfriend, trips to Starbucks, Home Depot, auto parts shops, and any other errand or stoked out pursuit that lays along his daily agenda. What would normally seem like trivial errands in most anyone else's life is simply hilarious when seen through Ben's lens. What started out as a way to document his recovery from injury and commitment to sobriety has now become a new standard in self published reality TV pleasantly aimed at the east coast surf community for everyone to enjoy.

We were flattered to host Ben earlier this spring as he checked off Vermont from his list of 50 states he's committed to surf. It was clear to us then that this guy is on a mission and that he has all the necessary internal drivers and self motivation to see anything he dreams through to reality. I can't wait to tune in tomorrow at 10:00am eastern to catch the highlights of Ben Gravy's 626th episode knowing that we played a small part in the beginning of his day.

Enjoy the show.

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